Monday, April 20, 2009

LiF3 is Simpl3

"Don't think about the pass because we can't change it"
"Don't think about the future because we can't predict it"

Many people knows that life is simple, but how many people can apply it into our real life.
Human love to create life to become complex. More complex mean that human is powerful and be more stronger among another because able to create something complex.
Human didn't realize that "god create life simple concept" because hope all the humans in the earth alwiz happy and enjoy the life as simple as possibble.
But humans like to change it become complex.

Human wake up from complex life and live in the simple life. Don't think something that already happen because we cant change the result, and don't think about the future because nobody will knows what is goes on in their future. We as human just needs enjoy life happier and didn't have regret in our journey of life.